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Wheel Refurbishing Services

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Welcome to Alloy Wheel Repair Kenilworth

Alloy Wheel Repairs offer you an Affordable, Quality & Professional Service.

We are an established alloy wheel refurbishing specialist covering all areas throughout the Midlands and we offer a same day service, weekends on request, we also have a wide range of colours in stock.

We have been refurbishing wheels for many years using the latest technology, by well trained expert engineers and our unique alloy refurbishment processes to develop an unrivalled alloy refurbishment service that is second to none.

We can collect & return your corroded, scuffed and damaged alloy wheels and offer a variety of different alloy finishes.

Our alloy refurbishment is of the highest quality - we offer a complete alloy wheel refurbishment service.

At Alloy Wheel Repairs we have developed unique processes and equipment that enable us to remanufacture wheels safely and effectively.

Alloy Wheel Repairs for Scuffs, Nicks, Scratches & Dents:

For most minor scratches and scuffs it is possible to repair the damage locally and apply colour to the affected area and unlike most other companies we lacquer the whole wheel.

This is a cosmetic alloy wheel repair also known as a smart repair. Each wheel takes approximately 1 hour to complete and can be done on a mobile basis at your home or place of work.

Alloy Wheel Repairs can be trusted to stand behind its promises. We are 100% dedicated to delivering a satisfactory outcome and will always provide a quality product and at a price we know you will like. We measure our success by customer satisfaction.

We have always strived to provide only the best service for our clients. Our time and money has gone in delivering the latest technology and equipment that is available in today's marketplace allowing us to give our clients only the best repair job that we can do.

ALLOY wheels were once seen as a luxury item, but new technology has delivered more cost-effective ways to make them. Many vehicles are now fitted with them as standard and our experts will ensure your wheels keep that new-look gleam.

Our alloy refurbishment is of the highest quality - we offer a complete alloy wheel refurbishment service.

Why use us for your Alloy Wheel Refurbishments?

  • Reputable & Experienced Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Specialists
  • Powder Coating Services for all metallic items
  • Affordable & Professional Service
  • A Free Initial Consultation
  • Competitive Prices
  • A Personal & Reliable Service
  • All work is guaranteed for one year
  • Paint repairs to damaged alloy wheels
  • Minor defects repaired on alloy wheel spokes and rims
  • Cosmetic repairs to alloy wheels
  • Complete colour coding of alloy wheels
  • Alloy wheel specialist

The AWR Team, are experts at Alloy Wheel Repairs and are able to carry out repairs for all makes and models.

For more, see our alloy fixing services web page.

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Founded by the ex-employees, with the help and support of the Alvis Company, Red Triangle started business in June 1968 providing parts and service for the cars in everyday use at that time.

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