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Wheel Refurbish Solutions

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Professional Solihull Alloy Refurbishment Service

At Alloy Wheel Repair, we take pride in being Solihull's premier alloy wheel repair and refurbishment specialists. Whether you own a supercar, a hyper car, or any vehicle in between, we are the trusted choice for alloy wheel care in Solihull.

Why Choose Us?

For years, we've diligently built our reputation within the city, fostering a loyal clientele who appreciate our commitment to delivering top-quality finishes, repairs, and refurbishments. Our services cater to both prestigious Solihull dealerships and private individuals, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our expertise.

Alloy Wheel Repair Services in Solihull

Comprehensive Services

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment: We transform scuffed or tarnished alloy wheels into showroom-quality gems, enhancing your vehicle's value.
  • Alloy Wheel Repair: No matter how damaged your wheels are, our professional equipment allows us to weld, straighten, re-balance, and safely repair them, saving you the cost of replacement.
  • Diamond Cut Refurbishment: Our state-of-the-art diamond cutting lathe restores diamond-cut alloy wheels to their factory finish, with no third-party involvement, ensuring cost savings for you.
  • Bespoke Refurbishment: Tailored to your preferences, our custom alloy wheel refurbishment service adds a unique touch to your vehicle.
  • Polished Wheel Refurbishment: We take old polished alloy wheels back to their bare metal and re-polish them, leaving a showroom-like mirror finish.
  • Powder Coating: Choose from a wide range of powder coat colour options, and let our experts deliver a glass-like finish to your alloy wheels.
  • Split Rim Refurbishment: Our meticulous approach involves disassembling each part of the split rim, refurbishing them individually, and often replacing bolts and seals for a safe, high-quality finish.
  • Chemical Stripping: Our acid stripping process removes contaminants and paint buildup, leaving a clean surface for further refurbishment if desired.
  • Lease Hire Return Repairs: If your leased vehicle has suffered damage, our lease hire repair service can restore it to an acceptable condition.

Need A Mobile Service

We offer the convenience of coming to you, whether you're in Solihull or its surroundings. Our high-tech mobile wheel repair refurbishment vans are equipped to treat your car with the same care we would give our own. Our work guarantees long-lasting results, free from paint flaking, runs, or orange peel finishes.

Choose Alloy Wheel Repair for expert alloy wheel care in Solihull. Your wheels deserve the best, and we deliver excellence every time. Contact us today, and let us enhance the beauty and performance of your vehicle.

Based near the Solihull region, AWR specialises in the restoration and enhancement of alloy wheels, bringing them back to a pristine, like-new condition. Our comprehensive services include Diamond Cutting, Powder Coating, and Wheel Straightening, ensuring that your wheels receive the care and attention they deserve.

See our alloy repair services page for additional information.

Looking For A Car Part Shop In The Area?

Shirley Auto Spares: Your Top Choice for A1 Motor Store Services in Solihull

Shirley Auto Spares stands as Solihull's foremost A1 Motor Store, offering an extensive selection of top-quality car parts and accessories that can be effortlessly installed by any DIY car enthusiast. The inventory includes everything from wiper blades to brake pipes, all competitively priced to ensure exceptional value for our customers.

The experienced staff at Shirley Auto Spares boasts a rich history within the automotive industry. They are readily available to provide expert guidance, whether you visit our shop in person or reach out by phone. Our team is committed to simplifying complex concepts, ensuring you receive clear explanations without confusing jargon.

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