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Wheel Refurbish Solutions

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Specialists In Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment

Sometimes our wheels need a makeover or are just are damaged from being on the roads e.g. overuse or pothole issues. This is where we can come in and help out, as we are a specialist Wheel Repairing and Refurbishment Company Located in Leicester near Wigston and serving our clients in the surrounding areas of Leicestershire and beyond.

We don't offer a straightforward and simple 'SMART REPAIR' service where the technician comes to the client's address and fixes the wheel on the doorstep. Our service is the complete refurbishing package, which will give the alloy wheel in question the best possible repair and the best look too, also our final product will be more durable than the average smart repair service.

We simply don't believe in the quick fix that will be temporary, only cosmetic and lacks any longevity in terms of it's use.

Many people invest in expensive alloy wheels for their car and with this come a need to keep them in pristine condition, as this can help the overall look of the car and maintain its financial value to its utmost. This is particular important if the client is planning to sell the car on to another. Accidents do happen and this can come be in the form of scuffed and kerbed alloys, corrosion to the wheels etc. and these can be an all too common occurrence on the roads these days. This is where we can come in to bring those precious alloys back to new. We offer a comprehensive alloy wheel repair service operating out of our new premises. So there would be no need to buy new ones, just bring them in and we can transform those old battered alloys back to life again and you will find we are very cost-effective!



Inspecting the wheels of a car to reveal if any are buckled or cracked which is extremely important with regards to safety.


We have a state of the art hydraulically assisted wheel straightening equipment to repair and straighten any wheels that need attention.


Type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder to the wheel giving it a high-quality, durable finish and also looks great, popular since the 60s.


A refurbishment method that firstly uses powder coating and then on a lathe cutting the face of the wheel to give the desired effect, which does add a protective skin of lacquer to the wheel.


Our specialist service where the wheel is placed in a chemical bath to remove all debris, paint and foreign contaminants that could interrupt the refurbishing process.

For more, see our alloy repair services page.

Our operation at AWR is located out of newly set up modern premises and what we have achieved recently in such a short space of time does make us proud and we are receiving new clients every day. We also invite any and all to visit first hand to our place of business and welcome our clients to come down and be given a tour before discussing the individual or bespoke requirements that are requested to be done.

Are You In Need Of Some Parts For Your car?

Parkers The parts people are a good choice in the Wigston area if need some spare or replacement parts for your car. They have a good reputation in the area and have been going strong for over 90 years. They mainly deal in spares and quality replacement car parts for all makes of cars and light commercials and have many branches throughout the area and you can shop online too at the website listed below.

Parkers " The Parts People "
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