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Wheel Refurbish Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions We Encounter

Who are AWR?

AWR is an Alloy Wheel Refurbishing Company based in Leicestershire and the concept and business model was developed bt Paul Smart & Paul Walker who between them have in excess of 22 years of alloy wheel refurbishment experience.

What is the AWR Mission?

Simply put, we having been constantly striving for a solution to the in-house problem of achieving an OE quality finish, allied to a worthwhile and market leading turnaround time, the Directors set out to replicate the secrets of both OE process and coatings, in order to remanufacture alloy wheels at a fraction of the cost of new replacements.

What is a Smart Repair?

Typically a smart repair is a very localised small repair where only the damaged areas are cosmetically covered. The materials and processes employed are prone to flaking and failure in the short term and do not provide an OE finish which will last much longer.

What's the difference between AWR and a Smart Repair Service?

Both services have their uses, but we offer a more complete TOTAL wheel refurbishment service which will last longer and is more durable for years to come. The quality of the end product will speak for itself and we have happy clients come back to us time after time!

What is the differce between AWR Repair Service and a Mobile Repair Service?

We offer a complete specialised refurbishment service that generally the mobile repair servicing companies out there cannot compete with. Our prices often match them too and they usually only offer a cosmetic, temporary job, that will be needed to be done again in no time. Our coatings for alloy wheels make the wheel stronger and gives it a longer lasting effect for many years.

We will provide a thorough and complete service by stripping off old coating before applying new which the mobile services just cannot achieve. So we are confident in not only being price competitve, but also providing a superior service when compared to our mobile repair counterparts.