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Wheel Refurb Solutions

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Potholes and Pothole Damage

Nationally potholes are an all too common a problem. In the Midlands the local authorities repair in excess of 10,000 potholes per annum and pay out in compensation in excess of £20 million pounds.

At AWR we specialise in the repair and straightening of all types of alloy wheels. Typically the repair takes a minimum of one day subject to inspection of your wheel/wheels. We would hope to keep you mobile during the process by loaning you one of our loan wheels and tyres.

Typically in the UK over 40% of wheels are suffering from pothole damage caused by being on the road. The incidence of damage is on the increase, but not to worry in the majority of cases we can help and fix the problem.

A pothole damaged wheel is symptomatic of :

  • The tyre not staying inflated
  • Untoward vibration through the steering or just doesn't feel right
  • You can see visible damage to the tyre and/or the wheel rim
  • Fluid can be see leaking from under the car
  • The exhaust system has some unusual noises emanating from that area

A pothole damaged wheel can have deformation to the inner lip of the wheel and this is something we fix everyday.

car wheel near some potholes on a country road


A buckled wheel is now a major fail on an MOT.

It is possible to claim against your local authority for compensation in relation to pothole damage.

Below is a list of links to local councils and independent bodies which should enable you to successfully recover your investment in rectifying pothole damage.

  • www.theaa.com

    What to do if you hit a pothole. Check for damage to the wheel - take some notes - take it to a company like us for repair - make your claim with your insurance company - write to the council responsible for the road with all the potholes.

    mechanics carry out a MOT underneath a car

    A Buckled Wheel

    What is a buckled wheel?

    A buckled wheel is more often than not caused in an accident. A buckled wheel is where the front face of the wheel has been distorted by an impact.

    More often than not a buckled wheel will be structurally compromised. AWR Ltd can assess this damage in conjunction with a specialist wheel repair company who assess each wheel and report accordingly. A buckled wheel will only be repaired if we are confident that the structural integrity of the wheel will not be compromised.

    Why straighten a pothole damaged wheel

    • 1/ It is an MOT failure

    • 2/ It can cause vibration through the steering column

    • 3/ It cannot be diamond turned without adversely affecting the integrity of the wheel and substantially reducing the life of the wheel. A poorly cut wheel is unlikely to be able to be cut again.

    a pothole with 2 cones and hazard tape

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