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Terms and Conditions of Sale.


AWR Ltd staff receive years of training and ongoing personal development to enable them to supply services which have been finely tuned to help AWR Ltd.

AWR Ltd produce the “best in what we do” for your benefit.


All Vehicles must be fully covered by the owner’s insurance whilst left with AWR Ltd.

All Vehicles must be supplied with the locking wheel nut for removing and fitting the wheels.

AWR Ltd accepts no responsibility for goods or articles left in the vehicle.

AWR Ltd are not responsible for resetting any vehicle computers for monitoring tyre pressures. Owners should refer to their vehicle manual for this function.

Where AWR Ltd fits wheels to the customer vehicle our staff will ensure that the wheel bolts are correctly torqued using appropriate tools. Customers are, however responsible for re-checking wheel bolts after an initial bedding in period of a maximum of 50 miles and at regular points thereafter as part of a standard maintenance routine.


PAINTED WHEELS - All our painted wheels come with a 6-month warranty against defect, subject to the damage not having occurred as a result of driver damage or the use of corrosive cleaners. These will dull and damage lacquer over time.

MACHINE CUT WHEELS - Given that lacquered bare alloy is not a strong lasting finish coupled with our climate, the majority of wheel refurbishing companies will only offer a very limited or no warranty for this service.

However, we have developed what we believe to be a fair compromise for our customers who wish to retain this finish.

Defect occurring within 6 months (subject to damage not having occurred due to driver damage or the use of corrosive cleaners which will dull and damage the lacquer overtime).

Have the wheels machine cut again at no charge but with no renewed warranty i.e. if they fail again they are out of warranty.

Have the wheels painted with a fully renewed 6 months warranty as listed above.

Have the wheels machine cut but not lacquered with a 6-month warranty on painted areas only.


Split rims are undertaken entirely at your discretion and responsibility as to the suitability of the refurbishment process (all dismantling and reassembly of split rims is at our Risk) Please note that recommendations regarding suitability for refurbishment, dismantling and reassembly of split rims vary between manufacture it is your responsibly to check suitability with the manufacturer. Please note split rims are not covered by AWR Ltd warranty.

POLISHED WHEELS/WHEEL PARTS – No warranty is offered on any polished parts as the duration of the finish is subject entirely on how well they are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis and not suitable for everyday use.

Polished parts are recommended only for show purposes.

AWR Ltd endeavour to refurbish all wheels to the best of our ability but cannot be responsible for any unforeseen problems such as a poor casting or an excessively corroded wheel.

These problems may only become apparent upon removal of the existing coating. If the company does not believe a cosmetically acceptable or safe finish can be achieved, the customer will be contacted to discuss options before further work is undertaken.

AWR Ltd reserves the right to refuse to complete the refurbishment process if they discover at any point during the process that the wheel will not in the opinion of the company employees be safe.

Wheels which are classed as in very poor condition may incur an additional charge. The customer will be contacted before any additional chargeable work is undertaken.

Customers should be aware that certain high gloss finishes show blemishes more readily, such as Black Chrome or Bright silver hyper silver.

We cannot guarantee to make your wheels perfect but we will strive to ensure that they are significantly improved.

Should a customer request an as new finish or to a show wheels standard then additional charges will apply and be calculated on an hourly basis plus materials.

AWR Ltd will do the utmost to meet any target completion time scale given at the time a wheel refurbishment is booked. Target completion times, however they are just targets.

AWR Ltd accepts no responsibility for unforeseen delays within the process as some wheels may take longer than standard within any given process.

AWR Ltd recommends that new wheel valves be fitted when the company is undertaking the replacement fitment of the tyres. Rubber valves are supplied in-line with the standard published price list. TPMS valves will be quoted separately.

Alternative valves such as metal, chromed sleeved, hidden, or small rubber, are available at an extra charge.

AWR Ltd does not accept responsibility for leaks around old valves that have been re-fitted at the customer’s request.

AWR Ltd does not accept responsibility for damage to the valves or sensors within a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) where the valve cap or retaining nut has become damaged, corroded, or fused to the valve or where the valve stem rubber fails on extraction.

It is the customers responsibility to inform AWR Ltd if a (TPMS) is in place. If we are unable to remove the system without damage and the (TPMS) components may be damaged and require replacement at the customers expense.

AWR Ltd reserve the right not to re-fit damaged or illegal tyres.

Vehicles/wheels will not be released until payments have been made in full.

Vehicles/wheels not collected within agreed time scale will be subject to a storage fee.

Vehicles/wheels that have been collected by AWR Ltd and which the customer then cancels the remanufacture order on AWR Ltd. The client remains liable for the full cost of the delivery and refurbishment. The wheel/vehicle will only be released when and only when a written acceptance of the debt ( or payment of the debt ) is received and approved by AWR Ltd.

AWR Ltd will make every endeavour to contact customers with respect to collecting their wheels, however wheels not collected within 6 months of completion will be sold to recover costs.

AWR Ltd accept no responsibility for the transport of the wheels delivered and/or collected by couriers arranged by the customer.

Customers should ensure that any courier they engage is adequately covered.

Any courier contracted by AWR Ltd will carry adequate insurance.

Any complaints should be sent in writing (includes email) within 48hours after you have collected your vehicle or wheels.

These terms of supply of service will be subject to English law and the English Courts will have Jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from this agreement. The prices quoted apply to alloy wheels which are a maximum of 5 years old.