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Wheel Refurb Solutions

Our Wheel Repair and Refurbishment Services

Rotary Inspection

Initially when the whole wheel comes into the plant we need look it over first and remove the tyre from the wheel making sure we mark the post ion and rotation of the tyre. The tyre itself is inspected for any issues relating to wear and tear to be sure that it is roadworthy and if there is a problem the client will be informed. The wheel itself is then given a thorough inspection for any problems including cracks and buckles and if the wheel is beyond repair for any reason we will let the client know straight away. The wheel if able for repair is then stripped down taking out weights, valves etc. ready for the next stage. For more on our Rotary Inspection Services.

Wheel Straightening and Repairs

Your alloy wheel could be damaged in one way or another if from the steering wheel there are some vibrations or shaking occurring. Also if the tyres are wearing down a lot quicker than normal this too can be the result of the alloys being damaged and it makes good financial sense to have them repaired as soon possible to prevent further damage. The increase of pot holes on the UK roads can be the reason for an increase in the need for Alloy Repair Services being employed. So whatever the damage to the wheel; small or great there can be a knock on effect for the rest of the car and therefore this problem needs to be addresses as soon as possible before the car can become unsafe to drive or fail it's MOT. Hitting the kerb at speed can also be a major reason for a wheel repair and straightening service needing to be done and even it is really bad a full alloy wheel repair and refurbishment will be needed.

To straighten the wheels we use our hydraulically assisted wheel straightening equipment coupled with the experience and training of our in house technicians to repair and straighten the wheel back to new. For more on our Wheel Straightening and Repairs Services.

Powder Coating

Our powder coating service will give your alloy wheels a completely new look. This could be just for cosmetic reasons or because the wheels are heavily corroded, then we can help you transform the look and colour of your wheels. The whole powder coating process involves firstly a Hydrochloric Chemical Bath which will remove any debris, paint, residues and surface imperfections, therefore bringing the wheel back to as if it was new.

Then we use a sand blasting process to the wheel, so to lay small indentations on the surface of the wheel to help the paint stick to it in the final stage. Then the wheel goes to the oven and heated up to a temperature well over 200 degrees celsius to help the powder coating process further. The final process is where we apply the paint (our special formula of Powder Lacquer) and in simple terms the wheel colouring is done.

We offer many colours to the finish if requested including: Silver, Gold, Charcoal, Black Chrome, Smoked Chrome, Gloss White, Matt Black, Gloss Black etc. just ask us for more details and our complete range of colours available. For more on what Powder Coating does for your wheels.

Diamond Turning

A Diamond Cut Wheel will need the same process as a painted wheel to bring it back to life if damaged, but there will also be a protective skin of lacquer added to the wheel too. A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Lathe is used to secure the wheel in place and it is rotated at speed on the lathe with a diamond cutter removing the face of the wheel though not too drastic only about a few thousands of a mm! Our expert professionally trained technicians will use the latest technology to achieve the best results for our clients. For more on our Diamond Turning Services.

Send us a photo of your wheel via email if you are not sure if your wheels are Diamond Cut or not and we get back to you as soon as possible.

Alloy Wheel Chemical Stripping Refurbishment Service

Chemical stripping is needed when we receive heavily corroded wheels, wheels with flaky paint or dealing with powder coatings and diamond cut finishes. This is a specialist service where the wheel is placed in a chemical bath to remove all debris, paint and foreign contaminants that could interrupt the refurbishing process, but without doing any harm to the actual rim itself. After the bath the wheel is removed and all the chemicals are rinsed off ready for the next process. For painting or powder coating this is the best way for a perfect finish and is less labour intensive therefore keeps the cost down. For more on our Chemical Stripping Refurbishment Service.